Learn How to Connect AMIDuOS with Android Studio


Learn How to Connect AMIDuOS with Android Studio AMIDuOS brings the performance, deepness, as well as enjoyable of Android to Microsoft Windows gadgets. It enables simple changing in between Windows and also Android without the demand of twin boot. AMIDuOS makes use of OpenGL chauffeurs as well as 3D velocity to dramatically enhance framework prices as well as assistance also one of the most high-demanding Android video games.

Learn How to Connect AMIDuOS with Android Studio

AMIDuOS could likewise be utilized for screening and also debugging, and also as a result of its integrity and also brief reaction times, it creates a terrific emulator. By default, Android Workshop will not identify AMIDuOS as a practical emulator, so we’ll should do some tweaking initially. Follow our overview down listed below to discover ways to link AMIDuOS with Android Workshop.

1. Launch DuOS and go to Settings > AMIDuOS Configuration Tools.

2. Expand the Advanced tab, enable Root Mode and hit Apply.

3. Go back to AMIDuOS and go to Settings > About Tablet.

4. Press 7 times on Build Number to enable Developer Options.


5. With Developer Options enabled, go to Settings > Developer Options under System.


6. Enable USB Debugging under Debugging and confirm your option.

7. Restart DuOS and start Android Studio. AMIDuOS should now be visible by default.